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Genuine Leather Bags

Embark on a journey of craftsmanship with Tom Voyager's high-quality leather bags. From beautifully handmade laptop bags to chic traveling companions, explore the artistry within our exquisite tote bags and handbags. Crafted with genuine leather, each design reflects timeless elegance. Enjoy a robust 6-month warranty, hassle-free returns, and complimentary delivery across South Africa. Choose Tom Voyager for authentic, handmade leather bags that redefine your style journey. Shop confidently today and discover the perfect blend of quality and craftsmanship.
Duncan Leather Travel Bag - Black
Finch Canvas BackpackFinch Backpack - Blue
Finch Backpack - Blue Sale priceR2,950.00
Finch Backpack - OrangeFinch Backpack - Orange
Finch Backpack - Orange Sale priceR2,950.00
newKeira Backpack - BlackKeira Backpack - Black
Keira Backpack - Black Sale priceR2,850.00
NewKeira BackpackKeira Backpack - Tan
Keira Backpack - Tan Sale priceR2,850.00
Voyager Noir Leather Backpack - Leather backpack - side viewVoyager Noir Leather Backpack - Leather backpack - full view
Voyager Noir Leather Backpack Sale priceR3,299.00
Hayden Leather Bag - Silver Grey
Penelope Tote BagPenelope Tote Bag
Penelope Tote Bag Sale priceR2,499.00
Elsa Tote Bag
Elsa Tote Bag Sale priceR2,499.00
Hayden Leather Bag - Silver Pink
Ladybug Bag - Tan
Ladybug Bag - Tan Sale priceR1,600.00
Finn Leather Bag - Red
Finn Leather Bag - Red Sale priceR2,899.00
Tom Voyager Sling Bag - Dark Brown
Soft Bag - Tan
Soft Bag - Tan Sale priceR2,000.00
Soft Bag - Silver Pink
Soft Bag - Silver Pink Sale priceR2,000.00
Finn Leather Bag - Black
Finn Leather Bag - Black Sale priceR2,899.00
Finn Leather Bag - Dark Brown
Finn Leather Bag - Dark Brown Sale priceR2,899.00
Finn Leather Bag - Silver Pink
Finn Leather Bag - Silver Pink Sale priceR2,899.00
Ladybug Bag - Silver Pink
Ladybug Bag - Silver Pink Sale priceR1,600.00
Ladybug Bag - Coffee
Ladybug Bag - Coffee Sale priceR1,600.00
Ladybug Bag - RedLadybug Bag - Red
Ladybug Bag - Red Sale priceR1,600.00
Canvas Sling BagCanvas Sling Bag
Canvas Sling Bag Sale priceR1,299.00
Tom Voyager Sling Bag - Black
Tom Voyager Sling Bag - Black Sale priceR2,999.00
Tom Voyager Sling Bag - Tan
Tom Voyager Sling Bag - Tan Sale priceR2,999.00
Finn leather bag whiteFinn Leather Bag - White
Finn Leather Bag - White Sale priceR2,899.00
Jenny Ladies Bag Dark BrownJenny Ladies Bag Dark Brown
Jenny Ladies Bag Dark Brown Sale priceR3,000.00
Jenny Ladies Bag TanJenny Ladies Bag Tan
Jenny Ladies Bag Tan Sale priceR3,000.00
Aldrich Weekender Bag BlackAldrich Weekender Bag Black
Aldrich Weekender Bag Black Sale priceR3,600.00
Aldrich Weekender Bag Dark BrownAldrich Weekender Bag Dark Brown
Aldrich Weekender Bag RubyAldrich Weekender Bag Ruby
Aldrich Weekender Bag Ruby Sale priceR3,600.00