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TOM Voyager brand ambassadors

Being a Tom Voyager brand ambassador is not just about promoting a brand, its about weaving a story of excellence, community, and transformative impact that resonates far beyond the immediate.

Their journey is a beacon, guiding and uplifting, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Linda Mtoba - Tom Voyager blue waist coat

INFLUENCER & Brand Ambassador


Linda Mtoba, an award-winning actress and digital entrepreneur hails from from Kwa-Zulu Natal. Born and raised in Umlazi, she initially pursued a career in teaching while studying marketing management part-time.

Her passion for acting led her to a successful debut in "Isibaya" in 2016, and she has since become a prominent figure in South Africa's entertainment scene.

With about 2 million followers on instagram - she is renowned for her relatability, storytelling prowess, and aesthetic social media content. Linda has collaborated with global brands and is a proud ambassador for Tom Voyager, a leather goods and apparel brand in South Africa.

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Mathew Harris

Mathew Harris, top 15 South African tennis player, aligns with Tom Voyager citing the brand's unmatched fusion of style and functionality. Renowned for their innovative sportswear, Tom Voyager's apparel perfectly complements Harris's dynamic playing style.

Harris dons the brand's meticulously crafted sportswear, seamlessly blending comfort and sophistication. Tom Voyager's lightweight, moisture-wicking fabrics enhance Harris's agility and endurance during intense matches.

The collaboration between Harris and Tom Voyager symbolizes a perfect fusion of sportsmanship and fashion-forward flair, captivating audiences worldwide. This collaboration epitomizes the synergy between athlete and apparel, where precision meets panache for unparalleled success.

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